Tongue Cleanliness and Bad Breath

So, as promised in our previous article about the import of flossing in periodontal health, today’s topic is how to maintain a hygienic tongue, and how the latter can help with the avoidance of bad breath (halitosis).

There has been a fair amount of writing out there in webland about how to maintain good breath. In more than a few of these articles/blogs, the point is made about how serious a topic this really is. For example, one WebMD article on oral health makes the point that bad breath can actually affect one’s relationships and one’s business dealings. This is no unimportant topic, and so let’s look at the role played by keeping one’s tongue clean.

Tongue cleanliness is one important, but not the only factor going into improving one’s breath. Typically, using a tongue scraper (for an example click/tap this for info on a good tongue hygiene product), daily brushing and using at least a serviceable mouthwash is effective. That said, and as other authorities have noted, there remains the possibility of one keeping one’s tongue immaculately clean and yet suffer from halitosis. The WebMD article cited above offers an example of where one patient’s oral hygiene was pristine and yet acid reflux caused her to have very bad breath. Thus other factors aside from oral health and specifically tongue health can be a (or even the) culprit in one’s bad breath. For a neat summary of factors which go into maintaining good breath, offers this.

In the final analysis, one thing worth noting is that some have concluded that tongue scraping is not terribly important for solving the problem of bad breath. We regard this not to be the case but rather see tongue health as being but one factor, as stated above. Just because another factor can outweigh proper tongue cleanliness, does not mean that the latter is a non-factor.


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