Stress Related Habits and Your Gums

Reduce your stress to avoid poor health, gum disease and overall healthcare costs

For the vast majority of us, our activity and the work environment are quite often going to be a wellspring of stress and nervousness (or else it would not be called work). Many individuals react to the worries of the work environment with unfortunate ways of dealing with stress like over-eating, smoking, and drinking. These practices not just wreak destruction on your waistline and emotional well-being, yet can contrarily influence gum well being and bring about some gum health issues.

smoking can lead to gum disease

Research shows us that stress and anxiety can make it more troublesome for the body to ward off infection, including periodontal sicknesses.

As indicated by late discoveries from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), half of Americans 30 years old or more have periodontitis, a more serious type of periodontal disease. That’s around 64.7 million Americans!

The primary cause of periodontal (gum) diseases is plaque, however different variables influence the health of your gums:

  • Age
  • Smoking/Tobacco Use
  • Hereditary qualities
  • Stress
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Grasping/Grinding Teeth
  • Other Systemic Diseases
  • Poor Nutrition and Obesity

Research has demonstrated that periodontal disease is related with a few different ailments. For quite a while it was believed that microscopic organisms was the factor that connected periodontal sickness to other infections in the body; in any case, later research shows that inflammation might be more to blame for that connection. Treating inflammation may help oversee periodontal diseases as well as help with the control of other constant inflammatory conditions; Diabetes, Heart Diseases and Other Diseases.

There are  other hazards from periodontal disease on the off chance that you are pregnant. A few investigations have proposed the likelihood of an extra hazard – periodontal disease. Women who are pregnant and suffer from periodontal disease run a higher risk of premature births and low birth weights in their newborns. Notwithstanding, more research is expected to affirm how periodontal disease may influence pregnancy results.

All illnesses are cause for worry among women who are currently pregnant since they represent a hazard to the health of the unborn child. The American Academy of Periodontology prescribes that women who are likely to become pregnant or have become pregnant have a periodontal assessment and if you are in the Colorado Springs area be sure and give us a call.

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