Smoking Equals Gum Disease

cigarette-424540_640Smoking is the leading risk factor for Periodontal Disease.

If  you are having problems with your mouth and you smoke, it would be advisable for you to quit or at least cut back to ½  pack per day if possible.  There are at least 12 different ways that cigarette smoke adversely effects the oral tissues but the bottom line is that it results in bone loss around the teeth.  This process is usually painless but when enough bone is gone the teeth begin to get loose  and painful.  At that time the only practical treatment in many cases  is to extract the teeth.

Smoking Equals Gum Disease.

If you smoke, make an appointment with a Periodontist.  He can prescribe treatments, medications, and therapies which can dampen the effects of tobacco and  help to preserve your teeth.  Preventing tooth loss is the least expensive and least painful way of  dealing with gum disease.


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