October 6, 2015


What Is Perioscopy?

Perioscopy is a new technique which has recently become available to the dental profession.

Perioscope, or Dental Endoscope

A Perioscope, or dental endoscope, is used to treat deep periodontal pockets. This procedure utilizes miniaturized digital video technology that enables us to diagnose and treat areas below the gumline with either a small gingival flap, or no flap. The dental endoscope provides light and water lavage, magnifying the root surface up to 48 times.

Beside being able to see the bacterial deposits clearly and remove them, the Perioscope allows definitive diagnosis of root fractures, caries, root perforation, poor fitting crown margins, incomplete seating of implant abutments and retained cement on the roots.

Perioscopy Cleaning

Perioscopy cleaning, however, is meticulous and somewhat lengthy procedure, but not painful. Healing is usually complete in one to three days and most pockets will close in 3 to 6 months.

Ask if Perioscopy is right for you.