October 5, 2015

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Welcome to Aspen Periodontics – your online resource of information on periodontal disease and related issues.

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At Aspen Periodontics We Want To…

  • Make your experience with us as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
  • Provide the finest treatment of periodontal disease available, tailored to your individual needs and desires.
  • Provide that treatment in a caring and pleasant, non-threatening atmosphere – using today’s advanced technologies to assure your comfort and satisfaction.

Office Visits

Our practice commits itself to giving all our patients careful, gentle, high-quality care. It’s expected that you’d feel some uneasiness about visiting a dental and/or periodontal office. We will be sensitive to your needs and attentive to your questions and provide you the best care possible.

Your first visit involves getting your dental and medical history forms and taking X-rays of your teeth. The doctor will meet with you to discuss your X-rays and help you craft an individual treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

Please remember to bring:

  • Your completed information forms (click here for forms)
  • Your photo ID
  • Your insurance card

Remember that regular checkups are crucial to maintain a healthy, good-looking smile!

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends visiting your dentist every six months for regular checkups and routine cleanings to keep teeth and gums healthy.

We know you have a busy day, so be mindful of the fact that your appointments can last between 45 and 90 minutes.

About Dr. William Allen

Dr. William Allen is a Board Certified specialist in Periodontics and has extensive training and over 15 years experience in dental implantology. His areas of expertise include both surgical and nonsurgical treatment of gum disease. He uses the most advanced dental laser for comprehensive nonsurgical treatment of periodontitis and is adept at a wide range of cosmetic surgical procedures.

We work closely with your general dentist.

We work closely with your general dentist to insure that your mouth is treated in a complete and comprehensive manner. When our treatment is finished we will return you to your general dentist for all of your follow-up care and maintenance. If your case is complex or severe we will continue to share your periodontal care with your referring doctor. We appreciate your referring doctor’s confidence in us to provide you with the same quality of care that he or she would provide.

Our Goal for You as Our Patient

Our desire is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in our office. We will strive to gain your trust by listening to you and prescribing only the care that is truly necessary to fulfill your own therapeutic goals. We encourage you to become a co-therapist with us, so you may achieve the highest level of long term oral health.

We’d Love to Hear from You!

If you have any questions about your care or concerns about your treatment plan do not hesitate to contact us by email, by phone or by fax. Email by clicking here, Ph: 719.548.1711 or Fax: 719.548.1252