Dental Floss and Periodontal Health

At Aspen Periodontics, we try to keep our clients and all those interested in maintaining their oral health apprised with general periodontal/dental health tips. Some of what we cover might be pertinent to overall dental health, and hope to provide genuinely useful content to our readers.

Today’s topic is how flossing affects overall dental hygiene, and indirectly impacts one’s periodontal needs over time. Occasionally, one will encounter writings which make the rather startling suggestion that flossing has little impact. In reality, we feel this to be a thesis designed more for shock value and attracting eyeballs to a given article rather than being a statement with a factual basis. The most prominent example of such an article is this one on flossing and dental health from the New York Times.

So what does research and experience suggest, as far as the importance (or supposed lack thereof) of flossing? Well, the American Dental Association has published some information that relies on NIH-funded research. In said article, there is little controversy over how flossing forstalls especially gingivitis. The latter derives its data from research done by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR). This research has also been backed up by The Academy of General Dentistry who found similar results. Their research is summarized in this article.


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