A Full Smile–Thanks to Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants are many:

  • Improved appearance.
    • Feel comfortable about how you look and have no worries about dentures falling out!
  • Strong and long-term.
    • Implants can last a lifetime with proper care whereas dental bridges last five to seven years.
  • A natural appearance.
    • Unlike other dental treatments, implants look like any other teeth.
    • One’s natural face shape is maintained with dental implants whereas one can appear sad with the sunken appearance of missing teeth.
  • Avoid the hassle and maintenance of dentures.
    • Dentures require a lot of care and have to be kept in a cup at night. Implants require only the same care as your natural teeth.
  • Protect healthy bone.
    • The empty spaces in your mouth can cause bone loss in you jawbone.
    • Implants actually stimulate growth of the bone.
  • Regain your natural speaking voice.
    • Dentures have the unfortunate effect of making it hard for one to pronounce everyday words.
    • Implants function as your original teeth did, with no effect upon your speech.
  • Eat what you want!
    • A huge advantage of implants is that one can eat any food with them.
    • No longer do you have to avoid certain foods that are unfriendly to dentures.

To learn more about how dental implants can benefit you¬†from Colgate’s website.



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