October 7, 2015

Non-Surgical Therapies

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition in the gum tissue around the teeth.

This condition can escalate to a full blow infection at times but usually is silent and painless until the situation is very severe and teeth begin to loosen.

Non Surgical Therapies Reduce or Control Inflammation

Non surgical therapies are a part of Initial Therapy which is directed at reducing and controlling the inflammatory process of gum disease.

This can be as basic as learning proper tooth brushing and flossing to as definitive as Perio WPT or Wave Optimized Periodontal Therapy which can heal up deep periodontal pockets without the need for flaps and sutures.

Periodontal disease cannot be cured but only controlled; as the primary cause, which are bacteria, are continually attacking our gum tissues. We must be constantly vigilant to clean them away to prevent periodontal disease.

Non surgical procedures and treatments are intended to:

  • Reduce the bacteria load in your mouth
  • Improve your home care
  • Facilitate your ability to clean your teeth

Patient’s Oral Hygiene

Daily plaque removal is the cornerstone of all periodontal therapy. If home self-care is performed thoroughly and daily all the other periodonal therapies will work well. If homecare is not done well, the patient can expect continued oral problems. Review our Patient Instructions for Oral Health Care for more information.