October 5, 2015


What can I expect at my first appointment?

We will first take a little time to get to know you and address your major concerns.

We will review your medical history including any medications that you take and finally check your blood pressure.

It is therefore important for you to fill out the patient information and health history form in advance of your appointment, if possible, and bring any x-rays that you have been given by your general dentist.

If you have dental insurance be sure also to bring your insurance card and any other information that our Insurance Coordinator could use.

Patients under the age of 18 years must by accompanied by a parent or guardian at their consultation appointment.

We will complete a comprehensive oral examination to include checking your muscles and joint, completing an oral cancer screen and collecting all the information necessary to diagnose your periodontal condition. Periodontal probing is necessary for this exam and we will be as gentle as possible for this procedure.

Our goal is to make your first visit with us a pleasant and positive experience. We care about our patients sincerely and will make every effort to convey that to you at our first meeting.

Will my insurance pay for my treatment?

Most dental insurance plans cover periodontal treatment. Be sure to bring your insurance card and all dental benefit information that you have to your appointment. Remember, your insurance will have a yearly maximum limit and you will have a co-pay for all of your procedures. We will file a claim to predetermine your insurance benefit. This process usually takes 3 to 6 weeks. In case your treatment exceeds your coverage we accept credit cards and have discounts for cash payment. We also have no interest bank loans to enable you to pay the costs over time.

Will my treatment hurt?

Your consultation appointment including the periodontal exam should result in no discomfort. Some of the periodontal and implant placement treatments will result in light to moderate postoperative discomfort. You will experience no pain during the procedures and will receive adequate medication to keep you comfortable during your healing period.

Will I loose my teeth?

When periodontal disease has destroyed most of the supporting bone from around the tooth, extraction can sometimes be the only treatment. In some cases extraction of a single tooth is necessary to preserve the life of adjacent teeth. If the disease process is identified soon enough, even if great damage is done, most of your teeth can be saved. Upon completion of the comprehensive examination Dr. Allen will be able to develop a plan which will maximize the outcome of your whole mouth. Remember, if some teeth are lost they can always be replaced with dental implants or other restorative options.

Will I need surgery?

Periodontitis is a chronic disease which is never cured but only controlled. There are many treatments available to control periodontal inflammation. Surgery is just one option. Dr. Allen will make recommendations for treatment based on your individual condition. We will use the most conservative option available which will result in a successful outcome.

What if I don’t have treatment?

Periodontitis is a progressive and painless disease process. Delaying treatment can result in significantly more bone and tissue destruction as time passes. Some situations require urgent care and others may be delayed or postponed. In many cases conservative nonsurgical care can prevent the need for more invasive procedures for long periods of time. It is therefore advisable to remain in a relationship with the periodontist and hygienist for maintenance and monitoring of your periodontal condition.