What is the Best Kind of Dental Floss?


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So, what is the best type of dental floss? Haha!! Who cares—right?

Really, dental floss can be helpful for all patients and is essential for some to prevent periodontal infections.

The best floss used to be Johnson & Johnson Gentle Gum Care. The latter has now been rebranded as “Listerine Gentle Gum Care” and a marketing campaign is on the way from J & J.

It’s a slot floss woven of several fibers and infused with mint to taste good. It slides through tight contacts exceptionally well then flattens on the tooth surface and absorbs the plaque in its filaments. It cleans muck better than the solid rope type flosses.

Can’t get behind flossing? Consider their other tools:

Proxabrush is a small bottle brush that fits in spaces that have developed between teeth. If you have not interdental gum recession these little mini-brushes will get through.

All three of their items are winners and you’ll be a winner too if you use them!!!

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